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Google Updates Hotel Search Experience on Desktop

The additional options make it easier to find information about specific accommodation options within Google search results, including hotel details, reviews and booking prices.

Google Hotels [screenshot]

That might be a problem for booking sites, which group together the various price listings for each hotel. If users are able to get that same information from Google, they could be less inclined to click through to other search options.

Google hotels [screenshot]

But particularly interesting is the addition of user-submitted photos for each hotel, which Google can access via Google Images. 

Google Hotels [screenshot]

That expanded pool of images could be particularly appealing, while it will also enable Google to crowd-source photos to help provide even more context. 

As we’ve noted in regards to Google’s evolving business tools previously, the search giant is keen to keep building out its offerings in this regard in order to fend off potential competition from Facebook and other social media platforms. If users can find more relevant information and insights within those apps, Google search becomes less valuable – but Google still holds the majority of business-search related attention, being the most used search engine in the world (by a significant margin).

For Google to secure its longer-term business objectives, it needs to provide more tools like this which incorporate similar elements to what you can find on social platforms, and other sites, which also impede on Google’s core search capabilities. Google has all the data, all the resources to provide similar – why not keep users on its platform by maximizing such, as opposed to simply letting smaller competitors eat away at its market share?

As such, it’s interesting to see how Google is slowly evolving its offerings in this line, which is relevant for digital marketers, of course, while also pointing to the future development of Google’s tools – particularly given the demise of its attempted social platform Google+.