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Which Social Media Platform Your Business Should Choose – and Why [Infographic]

All businesses can benefit from social media marketing, but choosing the right social platform for your business, and your marketing aims, does take some effort, some research work to determine.

Of course, Facebook is the biggest social platform, and you likely do want to maintain a presence there, but Instagram, which is rising fast, may not be your best bet if you don’t have the capacity to create images – or maybe if you’re in the B2B sector.

The key is determining where your specific target audience is active, and aligning that with your aims, and capacity. To help with this, the team from Branex have put together this handy overview of essential stats and insights on each of the major social platforms. 

Check out the infographic below. 

Infographic outlines a range of social platform insights

A version of this post was first published on the Digital Information World blog.