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Q3 2018 Social Media Benchmarks for the Automotive, Beauty, Fashion and Food Industries [Infographic]

Automotive, fashion, beauty and food industries are slightly moving from Facebook to Instagram, which is becoming a new home for most brands.

We analyzed 100k Facebook and Instagram posts from international brands with more than 50.000 fans throughout January-October 2018. We took 30 leading brands in the mentioned industries where the competition is huge, and the results are very well defined.

We compared the overall engagement of audience on Facebook and Instagram where most reputable brands leave their content. The study showed some incredible results when it comes to overall engagement. More reactions were noted on the Instagram network, which could be a major wake-up moment for many brands.

This report includes a range of significant insights:

  • The auto, beauty, fashion and food brands publish 0.85 posts a day on Facebook, while they publish 1.89 posts a day on Instagram.
  • These industries posted 26.16% of videos on Facebook, which is more than Instagram posts where 19.66% of videos were published. However, Instagram is the king of engagement.
  • Posting more doesn’t correlate with engagement. Industries with higher engagement rates have a hyper-targeted and engaged audience.

We used Socialinsider to compile the data for this report and determinate the median performance and the social media benchmarks for each industry.

These insights reinforce the necessity of creating consistent, human, less polish content on Instagram and consider promoting videos on other platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.

Check out the infographic below for a full overview of the findings: