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Sanders and Buttigieg Look Set to Push Biden and Warren Further Away with New Hampshire Primary

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. And no, not just Joe Biden, the mainstream media who has been pushing his “electability” and popularity on Democrat voters. But after a sad showing in Iowa and updated polling from New Hampshire, Biden, and perhaps Warren, may find little reason to stay in the race.

Taking into account a Boston Globe/Suffolk poll and another from WHDH/Emerson that both started and ended after Tuesday’s primary in Iowa, Warren and Biden are set to finish distant a distant third and fourth place in New Hampshire after similar finishes earlier this week.

Source: RealClearPolitics

Worse than the polling data, is the trend. Biden has been losing ground for weeks as has Warren. Where is all that support going? Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg – two candidates the media has not been pushing … at all.

Looking further into the primary calendar doesn’t offer any relief, mainly because there hasn’t been any recent polling in Nevada and South Carolina and California’s most recent polls don’t take the Iowa caucus results into account. Reviewing the massive jumps in support for Buttigieg and Sanders after the Iowa caucuses, any polling before Iowa are likely irrelevant.

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The Democrat party nomination fight is between Mayor Pete and Sen. Sanders – two choices that may push moderates and independents to the Republican nominee, likely Trump, or to not vote at all.

Current Delegate Count in DNC Primary

Candidate Pledged Delegates
Pete Buttigieg 13
Bernie Sanders 12
Elizabeth Warren 8
Joe Biden 6
Amy Klobuchar 1

A candidate needs about 1,990 pledged delegates to capture the DNC nomination on the first ballot at the convention so the end may not be here for Warren and Biden, but the trends are terrible for both of them.

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