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Putin Prank: Russians mock a portrait of the President in an elevator

The Moscow Times reported this prank yesterday. The concept for the clip was simple. A man placed a large, official looking portrait of President Vladimir Putin in the elevator of his building along with a camera that recorded people’s reactions as the elevator doors opened. He then edited together the highlights to create this clip.

The reactions are great. One older man gave the painting the Russian equivalent of a raspberry. A young woman filming with her phone said, “This is the worst thing that could happen to our building after the renovation.” An older woman was more blunt, “Holy f***! What idiot put that up?” Then there are the two young women who decide to take a selfie with one of them bowing in mock-supplication before the portrait. Several of the people seem convinced they are being watched by the portrait itself. Others note the camera in the elevator and appear to restrain themselves. Here’s the shorter version of the clip published by the Moscow Times: