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Pelosi Takes Heat for Failed Negotiations on Coronavirus Relief Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) took heat during interviews by CNN and Fox News anchors after weeks of coronavirus relief negotiations resulted in a stalemate in Congress and executive action by President Donald Trump. 

CNN anchor Dana Bash on Sunday questioned Pelosi on the Democrats’ proposed $600 weekly unemployment benefit, asking the speaker whether she would be willing to compromise at $400. 

“I’m not negotiating that right here,” Pelosi said. “It depends on what else is in the bill.”

Bash then questioned the speaker’s ability to compromise with Republicans. 

“Are Republicans right when they say you will not come off of your $600 number—you will not come off of other figures, other policy initiatives that you want—and that’s why you’re at a stalemate?” Bash asked.

Pelosi said there is room for her to compromise but said she would need to consider the entire package.