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The new normal? Joe and Jill Biden to offer New Year's Eve message with Ryan Seacrest

Get excited, people! Joe and Jill Biden are going to deliver an “inspiring” message to welcome in the new year tomorrow night. The word is out that they will appear on ‘”Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2021″. Seacrest is hosting for his 16th year in New York while another host will broadcast from Los Angeles.

There won’t be the usual crowds in Times Square and the ball drop will be virtual this year because of coronavirus restrictions. It’s not clear if Joe and Jill will physically be with Seacrest in New York or if they will be delivering a virtual New Year’s Eve message. Maybe they can do it from a car on the street and honk afterward like his supporters do during his rallies. Will Joe Biden even be awake for a closing message? The broadcast is scheduled to continue until 2:00 a.m. Eastern time. No one thinks Joe is awake at that hour unless he’s up to go to the bathroom. I’m guessing he’ll speak during the earlier hours for a larger audience.

The Bidens will “share an inspiring message as we come together to close out 2020 and look ahead with hope to 2021,” according to a statement by the producers.

As cautious as his staff has been with him, it is surprising to consider Biden out in the cold night air. The man already coughs and wheezes as he speaks, allegedly from a cold, he said. The event is closed to the public but Jennifer Lopez will perform live before the ball drop. The rest of the performers will mostly perform virtually, some in Los Angeles. I guarantee that Joe Biden has no idea who any of the singers are, except maybe Miley Cyrus. It sure would be entertaining, though, if someone questioned him about the lyrics in some of their songs. Cindy Lauper will be in New York, he probably knows of her.

Ryan Seacrest obediently refers to the incoming first lady as “Dr.” Jill Biden. Get ready for four years of that malarkey.

Here’s my question – when did it become normal for the president-elect to be plastered on our televisions every day leading up to the inauguration? What has happened to the concept of one president at a time? Joe Biden has said over and over again that he is the ticket to a trip back to normal, right? He ran on that promise. He’s a forty year resident of The Swamp and he’s ready to get back to business as usual. It looks like normal is whatever he says it is.

I noted the fact that Biden is given time on television, at least on FNC and CNN, during the daytime programming to deliver his rambling remarks. It’s become almost a daily exercise. Rarely does he take any questions. If he does the reporters are already hand-picked by staff and he has a list of their names to call on. Sometimes Kamala joins him but she doesn’t speak. (Kinda misogynistic, Joe!). No one acts like it is unusual for the president-elect to hold almost daily press briefings.

Yesterday he chose to criticize the current administration and president, as though it was a campaign speech. You won, Joe, knock it off. How is it unifying to trash the current administration as Status Quo Joe waits in the wings to be inaugurated? He announces some new hires sometimes and yesterday it was some people for the coronavirus task force. He took that opportunity to criticize the distribution efforts for the vaccines. The speech was billed as Biden’s plan for the coronavirus. The problem for Joe is that his plan is Trump’s plan. Biden isn’t going to be doing anything differently. The heavy lifting is done. The vaccines have been developed and are not becoming available to the public.

Remember when Joe and Kamala sounded like anti-vaxxers before the vaccines were ready? They didn’t want to trust the scientists who worked on Operation Warp Speed because it is during the Trump administration. They questioned if corners were cut in the haste of finding a vaccine. Now, Biden criticizes the speed of distribution. He just wants something to complain about for partisan purposes. I’ve also noticed that Joe Biden doesn’t wear a face mask as he speaks, nor do the limited amount of reporters allowed to attend the briefing. This is the guy who wants to keep everyone in a face mask for the first 100 days of his administration. He and his supporters complain about the Trump administration’s inability to lead by example on face masks. Shouldn’t he have one on his face all the time he’s around others?

I’m sure that given the opportunity, President Trump would appear on a televised New Year’s Eve program. He’s the president, though, not the new guy elbowing his way into the spotlight. The difference is that Trump isn’t given that opportunity, he is shunned by the broadcast networks. The Biden administration will be treated with kid gloves and given a hero’s welcome by the press corps. They can all go back to taking it easy and turning a blind eye to anything questionable, as they did during the eight years of Obama/Biden. I expect Peter Doocy to be the only reporter to actually ask Joe Biden some uncomfortable questions.

A New Year’s Eve message from Joe Biden, huh? He has been busy being the buzzkill talking doom and gloom. He talks about a very dark winter, not that our best days are ahead of us. It’s not morning in America, it’s night and the nightmares are coming. That’s how we’ll be getting back to normal with Joe and Kamala, with schoolmarm Jill speaking into Joe’s ear.


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