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Reshaped By The Trump Era, Our Institutions Will Hobble Into The Biden Administration

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Seattle talk show host Jason Rantz joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Senior Editor Chris Bedford to discuss outgoing President Donald Trump, incoming President Joe Biden, and how American institutions will handle the transition.

One of the biggest shifts following Biden’s inauguration, Rantz said, will be the corporate media’s coverage and role in promoting Biden’s agenda.

“If they go back to how they’re supposed to do their jobs, then I think we’ll all be better for it,” Rantz said. “And we will point to the last four years as an embarrassing blip in the world of national and local media. And that’s frankly for both sides, both right and left. … There were a lot of people on the conservative side who leaned in so hard to President Trump. They built their brands on him being president. … If he goes dark, you’re going to impact a lot of the conservative media outlets that relied on that for content.”