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The Return of Parler – Well, Sorta’

Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter, has restarted – although with a a bit of a hitch in its giddy-up.

I’ll pre-empt my own post by acknowledging that Parler is basically going through day-one pains with the added issue of it already having been the fastest growing social media platform prior to Amazon, Apple, and Google’s thuggery.

Our first attempts on Monday afternoon to log in to our account on the desktop site still redirected us to the old status page. Once we were finally able to finally log-in, we were met with extremely poor performance and some things that were just broken.

For starters, badges aren’t displaying, profile pics are missing, and our feed wouldn’t load after several minutes of trying.

We were also unable to post anything.

Then, on to the profile. Well, it was empty which is disturbing since we had several thousand followers prior to the blackout:

With the desktop version basically unusable, we turned our attention to the mobile app and were met with similar results – the feed wouldn’t load (with or without echoes):

But, on the positive side, our profile and statistics were visible and it appears as though nothing was lost – well, except the profile pic.

We were able to post on the mobile app and even see the site preview for the article we posted, but when going back to our profile to see how the post looked, it timed-out. (update 5:27 pm EST: link preview now not working)

Although currently barely usable (mobile only), I anxiously await re-engaging the Parler community. If you’d like to find us there, go HERE.

We are @ConservativeDailyNews on Parler.

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