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Sad Day: Conservative Legend Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70

Conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday morning from complications due to his battle with lung cancer.

Kathryn Limbaugh, Rush’s wife made the announcement on his radio show Wednesday saying that he had passed earlier in the morning.

For long-time listeners, I would only have to say “mega-dittos” and all the compliments given during the opening seconds of every phone call would be instantly reiterated – the widespread respect for him instantly known.

For those less in-the-know:

Limbaugh forged a new style of radio. His approach of educating and informing while being entertaining brought in a massive audience from all walks of life and from both political parties. He sought to teach without being condescending, critique without ad hominem attacks, and go deeper than anyone else in the industry.

Rush didn’t just read political articles or re-hash quotes from pundits, he offered his opinion of why they wrote what they wrote, said what they said, and did what they did. He wanted his audience to learn to look behind the words, around the deeds and understand what was really going on.

He helped many, including me, become truly skeptical.


  • n. A doubting or questioning attitude or state of mind; dubiety. synonymuncertainty.
  • n. The ancient school of Pyrrho of Elis that stressed the uncertainty of our beliefs in order to oppose dogmatism.

In other words, he taught us to question .. everything.

Rush – Maha-Rushi, Rushbo, the Doctor of Democracy – will be missed. And the talent loaned to him by God … has been returned – with interest.

Mr. Limbaugh, go well into the arms of the Lord and, if you can, say hey to my little sister.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was 70 years old.

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