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Why Woke Sports Leagues And Journalists Don’t Understand Their Viewers

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, OutKick’s Bobby Burack joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss the politicization of sports, sports news, and how corporate media outlets are missing opportunities to meet the demand for non-woke news.

“Whether it’s ESPN, The Washington Post, The Ringer, all these major outlets that cover sports, they covered those social issues … they cover that as if most Americans agree,” Burack said. “I think all these issues right now are 50/50. If a major outlet like ESPN covers it where only one side is presented, do the math. That leaves half the country without a voice represented in that discussion.”

This same principle applies to Hollywood, TV, and other pop culture, Burack said.

“We ignore our consumers and try to appeal to our critics,” Burack said. “That is poor business because you will never appeal to these guys because their job is to bring you down, be critical of you. And your most hardcore loyal fans are being pushed to the side because their voice is not loud, influential. I can’t think of a bigger disservice to viewers than shows no longer caring about them.” 

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